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The Fro

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The Sound of Silence [Aug. 22nd, 2010|11:18 pm]
The Fro
Pitch black midnight
serenades the cold
like dark winters
and cascades of shiny gold

This is the scene
where life can never harm
me or the gliding light
of all that carries on

From through my window
I see a shining
freezing my everything
freezing this winter night

Of pitch black darkness
gold flying through the air
this is the time that passes
and the things too hard to bare

This is my everything
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Mind [Aug. 2nd, 2009|12:06 am]
The Fro
[mood |creativecreative]
[music |Swingin' Utters - Derailer]

My mind is so blank
I can't seem to feel the ink
That drips right off the pen
And drives me to the brink

Of what I can't define
Or even comprehend
But time will only tell
The rumors that were said

I only wish for rain
To wash these words away
Stain this awful page
With a lighter shade of gray

I know this story well
That keeps me from myself
If only I could feel
The warmness of my breath
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facebook [Jul. 24th, 2009|11:31 pm]
The Fro
[music |Propagandhi - Purina Hall of Fame]

Damn the masses for making it... I'm addicted now!!

And the worst part about it is every time I check it... You got it, nothing new haha.

I'm working on a new coach keys cd. The tunes I have already are doing fairly well on myspace. I hope one day my music is heard by all.
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Thinking [Jul. 24th, 2009|11:20 pm]
The Fro
Finally got home about 2 hours ago. Ezekiel was watching godzilla which always makes me happy lol. Don't think I'll have time to WOW it up tonight.
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wow [Jul. 24th, 2009|02:51 pm]
The Fro
[mood |scaredscared]
[music |anathema - pitiless]

Im becoming partially deaf in my right ear. The song pitiless by anathema seems very fitting to me lately. Losing my hearing is one of my greatest fears. Just want to go home to my family and play Wow lol
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Dark Leaves At Sunset [Jul. 23rd, 2009|10:42 pm]
The Fro
[music |Leprous - Not Even A Name]

Rain down, leaves of darkness on me
Can't seem, to get past this defeat

I'm so cold
in a natural fiction
Can't forget the progress
or even care to listen
This crimson sky
with black tendrils
Creates this feeling
That I'm still not special

And isn't it easy to forget?
The troubles long ago
Where did all the candles go?
In the middle of this night

Please someone come and clarify
the things that have been said
But please don't come to tell me
that everything is dead.

A black hue surrounds me further
As the sun begins to set
And I can't seem to shake this notion
that something is abound

Please whisper a lullaby
that slithers in the ears
To keep me from this notion
that something is abound

And now the laughter seems to break in tandem
the fingers pointing back at me
And a cloud filled with black leaves
Creates this forgiving mystery

Oh, I fear they will forget
A person who once was
Crowded in his fears
and stripped of something that once was
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Little Faces [May. 14th, 2009|08:36 pm]
The Fro
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |The Briggs - Mad Men]

Funny faces and happy kisses
Bouncing in the hallways
Little feet hold little secrets
As they shuffle right beside me

Little hearts filled so full
With love and drops of beauty
Carry me to a whole new world
Where my heart feels so free

I see a glow half my size
Shining up at me
Grasping on to his eternal light
To keep me shining bright

For it is this reason
My life finally makes sense
He is like the wind beneath me
As I spread my wings and take flight
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Soaring [May. 3rd, 2009|09:15 pm]
The Fro
[mood |creativecreative]
[music |Primus - Tippi Toes]

I can see the light now
As I descend down into this
Clouds keeping me afloat
I'm weightless that's for sure

But I'm staring down now
At the night lights
Glancing for a chance now
To keep this oh so pure

And its funny, thinking back at
The times that seemed to pass
Like a storm that's ever growing
Yet comes and goes so fast

Whisper to the Evening
I'm coming home again
And all this time I've never realized
I'm a martyr to this reason

why I never lose myself in everything
why I never really care what others think
and why am I the only one that understands the times

sorry felt like rambling... I haven't done this in FOREVER and I got inspired...
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Graphic [May. 26th, 2006|04:45 pm]
The Fro
[Current Location |upinya I think... is it cold and drafty usually upinyou?]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Mastodon - Where Strides the Behemoth]

here it was without a portion
of the fallen apples
that have collided with the ground so hard
in their early lifeless season

a basket woven from the tree
of the fallen apples
blanketed with beauty and precise
for a far more better reason

to cradle new seed planted from below
to a brand new tree
trembling in the ground so far beneath
withered from the overcast

all the townsfolk stared in awe
at the trembling being
who lashed out in a furious rage
wondering how it will last

left to consider the slightest chance
that maybe there's a purpose
that a lifeless ground could rise again
from all the fallen seed

the air begins to darken now
from all the running doubt
due to all the fallen seeds
who need not think of their own greed

but to put this in the past
would only situate
a positive formed from negative
and displayed among the many

taken from the lifeless tree
that bared only fallen apples
and set to form a brand new life
with bark so tough and plenty
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(no subject) [May. 26th, 2006|12:43 am]
The Fro
Is it the radiance
or the burning in my eyes

Cant seem to recollect
or even clarify what is right

but alone has a color
so blue and cold to realize

he's disabling all the others
and they're still draped with fright
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